Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited (KPHL) is Papua New Guinea’s national petroleum and energy company, whose activities are primarily governed by the Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited Authorisation Act 2015. As Papua New Guinea’s State nominee, KPHL has a mandated option to take up to 22.5% equity in any operational petroleum project.

Apart from its project and licence area shareholding, KPHL is 100% owner and operator of four petroleum retention licences, has established the Kumul Petroleum Academy for specialist industry training, supports the construction of rural electrification infrastructure, health infrastructure and services (especially cancer and heart disease related), various sporting codes and other worthy community development initiatives.

Who We Are

Strategically driving objectives that will enable the company, with sufficient financial standing and professional staff, to participate in the development of the non-renewable and renewable energy resources of the country in the decades to come.
Who We Are

Managing Our Energy Resources

Kumul Petroleum Holding Limited is responsible for managing State participation in the thirty-year PNG LNG Project and all other petroleum developments in the country. KPHL holds 16.57% equity in the PNG LNG Project, the third largest shareholder.
What We Do

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited, as the national petroleum and energy company, has a responsibility to drive development in this sector of the economy, and to provide direct financial benefits for the National Government and other stakeholders.
Nation Building

News & Press Releases


Kumul Petroleum hosts an annual Energy Summit, initiated based on the belief that PNG’s oil, gas and energy potential should be properly showcased at an appropriate venue and platform within the country rather than offshore.

Join Us

We want to attract and retain the best Papua New Guineans for important roles and responsibilities in the company, to ensure our current and future success in a highly demanding industry.

As we develop our Human Resource and Talent Management capacities, we will introduce the latest in HR Practices of the industry, ensuring our competitiveness on a global standard.

We are establishing a robust performance management system which will promote individual performance, talent development and succession planning.