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Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited (KPHL) is Papua New Guinea’s national petroleum company, whose activities are primarily governed by the Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited Authorisation Act 2015.

Since the company’s inception in 2009, it has operated as a commercial entity, underpinned by its participation in the PNG LNG Project. KPHL manages the State’s 16.57% equity shareholding in this development, making it the third largest shareholder in the US$ 19 billion project.

As Papua New Guinea’s State nominee, KPHL has a mandated option to take up to 22.5% equity in any operational petroleum project.

Apart from its project and licence area shareholding, KPHL is operator of four petroleum retention licences, has established the Kumul Petroleum Academy for specialist industry training, supports the construction of rural electrification infrastructure, health infrastructure and services (especially cancer and heart disease related), various sporting codes and other community development initiatives.

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Kumul Petroleum Projects

PNG LNG Project

KPHL holds a 16.57% interest in this multi-field project, operated by ExxonMobil. This US$19 billion construction cost project has extracted gas from fields in the Hela and Southern Highlands provinces since 2014. After condensates are stripped from the gas for export, they are comingled with Kutubu oil for export via the Kumul Terminal, dry gas is transported through 700 kilometres of onshore and offshore pipelines to an LNG plant at Caution Bay, just outside Port Moresby, from where it is exported to long-term Asian customers ...

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Licence Interests

Apart from its shareholding in the PNG LNG Project, KPHL also has equity interests in other petroleum licences in the country, including four Petroleum Retention Licences containing gas discoveries where KPHL is the operator ...

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NiuPower - Assisting PNG Power’s Fuel Switch

Joint venturing with Santos, KPHL operates NiuPower Limited, which has constructed a 58MW gas-fired power station outside Port Moresby that has operated since September 2019, enabling PNG Power Limited to stop using diesel and heavy oil fired generators to supply the Port Moresby grid ...

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Rural Electrification

To assist achieving the National Government’s objective for 70% of the population to have access to electricity by 2030, KPHL is funding the construction of low voltage power transmission lines to connect rural communities with PNG Power’s high voltage Ramu Grid transmission lines in various parts of the country ...

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