With our vision to create value and opportunity for Papua New Guinea and its people from the nation’s petroleum resources, Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited is committed to attract, recruit, develop and retain the best people in all available positions.

You will be joining PNG’s national petroleum and energy company. You will have the opportunity to work with some of the most highly skilled and qualified professionals within the industry. We strive to meet the same international standards as our petroleum industry peers. This, along with an expansion in the scope of our various activities, is one of the many reasons why we have grown rapidly over recent years to become one of the major players in the petroleum and energy industries of the country.

We have a diverse and inclusive team, comprising employees from all the provinces of PNG and different countries around the world. We work cooperatively to build strategic relationships both internal and external stakeholders so we can achieve our goals together. We strongly believe that by working together as a team we will grow as a company to create value and opportunities for the people of Papua New Guinea.


We want to attract and retain the best Papua New Guineans for important roles and responsibilities in the company, to ensure our current and future success in a highly demanding industry.

As we develop our Human Resource and Talent Management capacities, we will introduce the latest in HR Practices of the industry, ensuring our competitiveness on a global standard.

We are establishing a robust performance management system which will promote individual performance, talent development and succession planning.


Please check out our job listings page for any job opportunities.


Student Sponsorship is one of Kumul Petroleum’s corporate social responsibility.

Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited, through its student sponsorship program demonstrates its determination in achieving its goal of developing quality human capital for this nation and creating wealth and opportunities for Papua New Guinea now and into the future.

The program was established to assist top tier Papua New Guinean students to complete their tertiary studies and become the change of this nation.

Through this Program, successful applicants will;

  • Receive Funding Opportunities

    Kumul Petroleum will financially assist top tier students to complete their studies so they can become valuable assets of Papua New Guinea. The sponsorship allows education funding for students while gaining practical knowledge. It offers substantial financial relief and affords them comfort to progress their academic talent by encouraging creativity, determination and hard work.

  • Advanced Career Prospects

    Along with providing financial support, Kumul Petroleum sponsorship is a great way to jumpstart a future career. It gives students the opportunity to perform to the best of their abilities at university level. And should they conduct themselves well, opportunities are there for them to be given priority in joining the company under the Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited Graduate Program.


At Kumul Petroleum Holdings Ltd, our Graduate Development Program aims at developing young enthusiastic Papua New Guinean graduates to a World Class standard.

We will recruit and provide top tier Papua New Guinean graduates with a successful career path after University.

Through this program successful applicant will:

  • Acquire Business Knowledge

    Become knowledgeable in the company operations and background. They will also build knowledge in relation to practices within the oil and gas industry as well as their individual roles.

  • Realise Potential as an Employee of Kumul Petroleum

    Build practical/technical knowledge and skills (in respective roles) with respect to Kumul Petroleum’s goals and objectives. They will further be coached and mentored to embrace the necessary behaviours in becoming productive and high performing employees.

  • Promote Personal Development

    With professional Mentoring in place, Graduates will be guided with the intention of being shaped into respectable and responsible employees within the organization and responsible people within their communities.

WAN PNG: A Kumul Petroleum Initiative