Environmental, Social and Governance Policy

Company activities are also guided by its ESG Policy, as approved by the KPHL Board. In line with our corporate vision to provide benefits to the State, the nation, and our people, Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited is committed to maintaining high standards of environmental custodianship, social relevance, and corporate governance across all our activities, both within Papua New Guinea and internationally. As the national petroleum and energy company, KPHL is committed to becoming Net Zero, in line with the PNG Government’s similar commitment for the country to achieve Net Zero CO2 emissions by 2050. The KPHL ESG Policy is intended to provide a framework for how the company applies ESG considerations in its operations, how communities are engaged and how the evaluation and implementation of investments is undertaken. The policy takes into account ESG considerations at all levels in the company from field operations to joint venture participation and any investments made by KPHL.

Joint Venture Partners

KPHL’s joint venture partners in major LNG projects in the country have large scale environmental and social programmes, as outlined in their reports on this topic.