Words of wisdom from outgoing ExxonMobil Executive

Papua New Guinea is in an exciting phase in the Petroleum Industry and the current crop of trainees are being developed to lead the industry going forward.

These were the words of Exxon Mobil’s Executive Director Dinesh Sivasamboo on the eve of his departure from Papua New Guinea.

Mr Sivasamboo was speaking to 29 ExxonMobil sponsored trainees at the Kumul Petroleum Academy in Port Moresby during a farewell gathering hosted by the National Oil and Gas Company (NOC) Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited (KPHL).

Mr Sivasamboo said the international level training, good employee behaviour, organisational culture, processes and systems would ensure positive results and success of any organisation and the nation as a whole.

“International level technical training with a set of good attitudes and behaviour will take you far in your future careers:” he told the trainees.

Executive General Manager, Projects and Planning for Kumul Petroleum Holdings Ltd, Mr Luke Liria said it was wonderful to see an ExxonMobil’s senior executive show interest in the development of National Content through investment in Human Resources.

Mr Liria said; “Kumul Petroleum Academy (KPA) is grateful to ExxonMobil for its ongoing support of National Content by investing in the next generation of Papua New Guineans to forge their future in the petroleum industry and nation building.”