KPHL EGM Corporate Affairs Luke Liria with SCF representatives Jimmy Drekore and James Francis

Simbu Children’s Foundation supported by Kumul Petroleum Holdings

Today, in a quiet ceremony, Jimmy Drekore of the Simbu Children’s Foundation, a small provincial NGO, received a cheque of K25,000 from Luke Liria, EGM Corporate Affairs of Kumul Petroleum to support their medical research and health interventions.

Mr Liria said, “Kumul Petroleum has always had a focus on assisting the health sector in PNG. This consists of hospitals and larger Health Department institutions but we also recognise worthy smaller NGOs such as the Simbu Children’s Foundation.”

It was outlined that the Simbu Children’s Foundation had been in existence since 2006 after being started by Jimmy Drekore, and has successfully implemented projects such as Brave Hearts, Mother of Life Centre at Irugl and Prevention of HIV Transmission to Children. However, the organisation is best known for its pioneering work in the identification of resistant osteomyelitis, a condition in which bone deteriorates due to a bacterial infection.

Mr Liria added,” Kumul Petroleum is aware that since 2012 the Simbu Children’s Foundation has been involved in supporting osteomyelitis research, based out of the Sir Joe Nombri Memorial Hospital in Kundiawa.”

“It is heartening to see that this research under Dr Izard Igua and genetics and medical researcher Mr James Francis, some carried out in conjunction with the Institute of Medical Research in Goroka and James Cook University, has been recognised internationally. Such home grown medical research is something we should all be proud of.”

Jimmy Drekore advised that,” It is important that our PNG research activities adhere to international ISO standards. To date we have published 4 articles in international journals on our work, so it is getting widespread recognition.”

Mr Liria  stated, “We hope that our small contribution will assist in the successful and important implementation of Phase 3 of the osteomyelitis research work being carried out by the Simbu Children’s Foundation over the next three years.”