Together with other joint venturers in this licence, gas is sold to the Santos operated Gas to Electricity (GTE) facility at Hides in Hela Province. Electricity generated here is reticulated to the Porgera gold mine in Enga Province.

South-East Gobe (PDL 3)

This field in the Southern Highlands Province is approximately 85 kilometres from the Kutubu oil fields. It is half of the petroleum fields in the Gobe anticline, the other being the Gobe Main field, and is operated by Santos.

KPHL acquired its interest in PDL3 from Cue Energy in 2014 and JX Nippon in 2017. Production from this field peaked in 1998 and has declined in subsequent years. Gas blow down commenced in 2015, with gas sold to the PNG LNG Project.


KPHL acquired its interest in this licence in 2015 from Petromin (Eda Oil) as part of the consolidation of State assets under sectoral Kumul companies.

The Moran unitised field consists of reserves that straddle three licence areas, PDLs 2,5 and 6.


KPHL has a 16.57% interest in this project. This multi-field project takes gas from a number of licences and includes a gas conditioning plant at Hides, export of condensates through co-mingling with oil from the Santos operated Kutubu oil project, 700 kilometres of onshore and offshore pipelines and a two train LNG plant at Caution Bay outside Port Moresby. The plant has a nameplate capacity of 6.9 mtpa but has consistently exceeded this level in recent years with outputs of more than 8 mtpa.

KPHL’s interest in the project is determined by the amount of gas contributed by petroleum development licences. KPHL has a 20.5% interest in Hides (PDLs 1&7), Angore (PDL 8) and Juha (PDL 9).

KPHL partners in the PNG LNG Project are ExxonMobil (33.2%), JX Nippon (4.7%), MRDC (2.8%) and Santos (42.5%).