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On his way home after two years in Australia
Ken Vei graduated Saturday 7 December

On his way home after two years in Australia

Geophysicist Ken Vei returns home after two years of studies at Curtin University in Perth. “I obtained a scholarship from the Australian Government and my employer Kumul Petroleum generously kept me on their payroll during my studies.”

Ken is looking forward to coming back and giving back. “I’ve learnt a lot in the past two years. Professionally I have achieved a Master of Science in Geophysics from a top university. I was really impressed with the standard, the lecturers were top-notch scientists. At a personal level I come back as a more open person. I soon realised that if I wanted friends in Australia, I had to take the initiative. Australians are easy to talk to and make friends with, but they’ll leave you alone if you don’t approach them. Being open — and open-minded — are important skills that I can use professionally as well.”

“My wife and our three children (boy 10, boy 8, girl 3) all came with me so it was important for all of us to make friends. We have had a fantastic time and we all love Perth. It is a nice city, easy-going and not nearly as busy as Sydney or Melbourne. It will be difficult to leave all our friends behind but we belong in Papua New Guinea. The key to the country’s future is well educated nationals.”

“I will have a lot more to offer Kumul Petroleum when I come back. Essentially my skills have been upgraded to an international level. Where we might have needed a foreign consultant before, I will be able to step in. That will save Kumul Petroleum money and — more importantly in the long term — the skills stay in the country.”

Kumul Petroleum’s Managing Director Wapu Sonk will welcome back Ken with open arms. “Our vision is to empower the people of Papua New Guinea and education is a key focus area. We want to educate a new generation of Papua New Guineans for jobs in the oil and gas industry. We established Kumul Petroleum Academy in Port Moresby for that purpose but in some cases the best investment you can make is sending a talented Papua New Guinean overseas to learn. When Ken comes back, his fellow PNG nationals will learn from him.”

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