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Kumul Petroleum promotes cultural preservation with support to Tufi Tapa & Tattoo Festival
Kumul Petroleum Executive General Manager - Corporate Services presents to Michael Uiari Chairperson of the Tufi Tapa & Tattoo Cultural Festival a dummy cheque to signify Kumul Petroleum's support of the upcoming event to be held from 12-13 March 2022.

Kumul Petroleum promotes cultural preservation with support to Tufi Tapa & Tattoo Festival

The annual Tufi Tapa and Tattoo Festival to be held from 12-13 March 2022 encourages the preservation of Tufi’s environment, language, culture and traditions, is made possible with the support of corporate sponsors.

Sponsors  such  as  Kumul  Petroleum,  who  as  Papua  New  Guinea’s  national  oil  and  gas company (NOC) aims to as part of its corporate social responsibility promote the preservation of Papua New Guinea’s culture and the first major cultural event that the organisation supports as the NOC.

Mr Luke Liria Executive General Manager-Corporate Services of Kumul Petroleum speaking on behalf of the company said that Kumul Petroleum’s support as Bronze sponsor of K50, 000 aligns with its core values to protect and preserve the environment and its people, including its culture and way of life.

Mr Liria said that cultural preservation is important given that we live in a fast paced digital world that changes the way we interact with others and how we identify as individuals; that we as a nation are at risk of losing touch with our cultural heritage.

“Cultural Festivals like the Tufi Tapa and Tattoo Festival helps us to stay connected and in touch with our natural habitat and our roots. We as an organisation strongly believe in this and hope that our support to the festival will make sure that culture will continue to be promoted and shared for generations to come”.

Chairperson for  the  Tufi  Tapa  and  Tattoo Cultural Festival  Michael  Uiari thanked  Kumul Petroleum  saying: “The Festival  Committee  has two  aims.  One  being,  the  preservation  of culture and secondly, to promote a sustainable tourism industry. On behalf of the Tufi Tapa and Tattoo Cultural Festival, we would like to thank Kumul Petroleum for its most generous support of the festival”.

Mr Uiari further stated that the 20 wards of Tufi will come together to celebrate the return of the  cultural  festival following  a  hiatus because  of  COVID-19  related  restrictions  on  public gatherings.  The  event will  entertain  tourists  already  at  Tufi  and  bring  the  local  community together in a celebration of its art and culture.

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