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Academy creates bright futures  in oil and gas
Almost 40% of Kumul Petroleum Academy’s 2018 graduates were female. All were offered jobs in the oil and gas industry.

Academy creates bright futures in oil and gas

30 November 2019 is the deadline for next year’s intake of students for the Kumul Petroleum Academy. The Academy was established three years ago by PNG’s national oil company Kumul Petroleum. The aim was to educate a new generation of Papua New Guineans for technical jobs in the oil and gas industry.

“During construction of the PNG LNG plant a lot of international labour was mobilised”, says Managing Director Wapu Sonk. “We want Papua New Guineans in those positions whenever possible and that’s why we established Kumul Petroleum Academy.”

The Academy is a remarkable success. In 2018, all 40 graduates were offered jobs in the oil and gas industry upon completion of the training program. Wapu Sonk is confident that this trend will continue:

“We have a start-of-the-art training facility. Nowhere else in the Pacific Islands region do you find a live gas processing training plant – not even Australia has one. At the end of the 12 month training program our graduates are fully qualified for technical jobs in the oil and gas industry.”

A surprisingly high number of females graduate from Kumul Petroleum Academy. Almost 40% of last year’s graduates were female, although the oil and gas industry is traditionally a male dominated industry. Wapu Sonk is delighted:

“We want to empower the people of PNG. Males, females, young and old...everybody has a place in our society and our job is to maximise the benefit of our natural resources to the people of PNG. Education is the best long term investment a country can make and one of Kumul Petroleum’s key focus areas. The others being health, environment and electrification.”


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