New graduates for Kumul Petroleum

Today, Kumul Petroleum, Papua New Guinea’s national petroleum and energy company, formally welcomed 12 young professionals into its ranks as this year’s graduate development programme intake, in a small ceremony.

Welcoming the new graduates, KPHL managaing director Wapu Sonk said, “You are joining the organisation at the right time, since Kumul Petroleum is currently expanding its capability to fully participate in forthcoming LNG projects and domestic utilisation of gas.”

“As a partner in significant LNG projects and operator of our own licences, Kumul Petroleum has to access international finance and this requires us to demonstrate the highest standards in terms of governance, environmental management and accountability. We expect all our employees to adhere to these standards.”

Mr Sonk added, ”Kumul Petroleum is a PNG company and we aspire to grow to become as large and diverse as other national petroleum companies in the region, such as Petronas. You will all, in your respective disciplines, help us along this journey.”

The twelve new graduates, eight male and 4 female, are from all regions of the country, and now on staff will result in Kumul Petroleum employees exceeding one hundred. The successful cndidates were selected after an intense assessment process from over 1,500 initial applicants and they will be placed in engineering, geology, HSE, finance and accounting positions in the company.

“Kumul Petroleum also carries out a number of nation-building projects on behalf of the Government, particularly in health infrastructure and training institutions, and I am sure that some of you graduates will be involved in these activities as well.”

Mr Sonk concluded, ”I am hoping that you can grow with Kumul Petroleum in the years to come, as we play an increasingly large role in the country’s petroleum and energy sectors.”