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Western Pipeline Project

KPH is promoting Strategic Pipeline as the gas aggregation strategy for stranded gas fields in Gulf and Western Province. The strategic Pipeline will be running parallel to PNGLNG pipeline from Elevala in Western Province to Kopi. The pipeline will be truly PNG fostered development project to maximise resource recovery and benefit for PNG.


Kumul Petroleum, through its subsidiary Kumul Energy is working in partnership with Oil Search Limited are in the process of developing a Power Project as an Independent Power Producer (IPP). The IPP will build, own, and operate a 50 MW Power Station to supply uninterrupted and reliable power into PNG powers Port Moresby grid.

The arrangement is to purchase gas from the PNG LNG plant, which would be used to supply the fuel to the gas fired power station.

Kumul Petroleum is in close consultation with PNG Power to jointly offer a reliable and cost effective electricity supply to the residents of Port Moresby with the view of expanding to the other centres of Papua New Guinea.

This is a project of national importance and Kumul Petroleum is determined to deliver its mandate given by the State and it is anticipated that the power project would potentially provide a more stable and reliable power supply to support the growth and development in the city and Central Province.

The power plant is in the development and negotiation phase with various key stakeholders to make this project feasible.