Kumul Petroleum Managing Director Wapu Sonk, Miss Mathilda Namorong, Mr Ephraim Tammy while Total E&P Managing Director Philippe Blanchard is at the back

Kumul Petroleum sends two employee on secondment with Total SA

PNG’s National Oil & Gas Company (NOC) Kumul Petroleum Holdings Ltd (Kumul Petroleum) is proud to announce two senior employees on secondment with Total SA for 2 years. The two staff are Miss Mathilda Namorong – Senior Legal Officer and Mr. Ephraim Tammy – Snr Petroleum Engineer who will be initially based in Paris for 3 months on the job training and then move to Singapore.

Kumul Petroleum Managing Director Wapu Sonk while making the announcement said the secondment is part of staff development and also signifies a milestone in assigning KPHL staff to the Total and Kumul Marketing Joint Venture as part of the Heads of Agreement (HOA) signed with Total for Joint Marketing of Papua LNG.

“This is a great initiative for professional development of Kumul Petroleum staff in terms of giving them exposure to how other industry players operate globally.  Being an NOC, these kind of assignments for staff are a great avenue for them to participate in active learning, and use these learnings to make further improvements within the Company, Mr Sonk said.

The Managing Director said the two employees will join the Marketing Joint Venture entity and possibly extend the two years further as Kumul and Total finally sigh the Shareholders Agreement to formally establish the Marketing Company. He said, PNG did not Market its LNG in PNGLNG Project, it was jointly marketed by ExxonMobil. Papua LNG and PNG LNG Project expansion LNG Volumes will be equity Marketed and Kumul is now Partnering with Total to market our share of LNG together.

Mr Sonk wished them farewell and asked the two to learn from the best and be good ambassadors for the Company and the country.