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Health, Safety & Environment Coordinator

Port Moresby

Full Time



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Job reference: KP180807017

Position Purpose: To ensure that HSE Processes are being adhered to in accordance with client, industry and legislated standard for Environment, Health and Safety

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with the Construction Management Team on implementation of Project to enhance the management of personnel health and safety, (employees, contractors and the public) that is critical to continuous improvement in HS&E performance. There is extensive external liaison with contractors and internally with those accountable for project management.
  • Liaise with the Manager Exploration and Production on core team resource requirements (people, major equipment, etc) for follow up and implementation at senior management level
  • Verify that all project personnel are fully conversant with the specific HS&E Project Execution Plan, including related HS&E instructions, Environmental and Sustainable Development Commitments
  • Continuously monitor the work environment, especially for work performed under specific Permit to Work requirements
  • Communicates appropriate HS&E related information on an accurate and timely basis to the work force
  • Support or leads hazard identification exercises
  • Participates in regular HS&E meetings with the Contractors and related interested parties with the view to discussing HS&E concerns and actions common to all
  • Encourage overall hazard identification and reporting as well as immediate reporting of all incidents and Near Miss incidents by all site personnel
  •  Ensure Contractors coordinate appropriate orientation or other training for personnel commencing employment in compliance with the specific HS&E Project Execution
  • In conjunction with project Contractors, ensure the display and dissemination of HS&E material suitable for construction toolbox topics or other project meetings
  •  Maintain positive, consultative relationships with outside stakeholders to ensure expectations are met in the areas of loss control, environmental performance and quality.
  •  Provide ongoing leadership, coaching, and key point tipping service to all Major Project personnel in safety and loss control techniques, while being visible, approachable and available to all levels, with the objective of improving our efficiency and minimizing our losses.
  • In conjunction with project management and/or project contractors, coordinate thorough investigation of all incidents and coordinate audits
  •  Manage and record HSE deliverables accurately
  •  Organizes and issues daily/monthly HS&E reports as required
  •  Build a team approach to maintain compliance while enhancing HSE efforts on-site.
  • Provide advice on accident prevention and required training programs for work force.
  • Stay up-to-date on the Contractor HSE training Matrix.
  • Carried out vehicle compliance check and ensured Contractor vehicles are timely maintained.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Safe and secure work environment
  • Minimum risks in regards to HSE
  • Effective analysis done to mitigate risks

Qualifications / Education Requirements:

  • Tertiary qualifications in a relevant discipline
  • Certificate in Occupational Health, Safety and Environment obtained from a recognised institution
  • In-depth knowledge of national safety, health, and environmental regulations
  • Wide knowledge of onshore oil & gas industry

Experience Required:

Type of Experience

Years of Experience

Remarkable experience in operating HSE Management Systems and processes

4 - 6

Safety Training experience desirable

3 -5

Experience in Oil and Gas or major construction experience

5 – 7

Utilization of HSE tools and standards

3 - 5

Technical skills / competencies required:

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Excellent planning, organizing and execution skills
  • Ability to analyse and solve problems with results
  • Ability to manage public safety programs effectively
  • Ability to Develop, implement and conduct safety, health, and environmental training and presentations
  • High standard of computer literacy and an excellent knowledge of security information related liaison and analysis

Non-Technical Competencies required

  • Understands and reflects the company`s values in their behaviour and management style
  • Provides accurate and timely reports
  • Think logically and creatively and researches thoroughly and effectively
  • Interacts well with other professional staff and support staff inside NPCP and outside NPCP
  • Actively pushes for team success
  • Achieves high level of quality, productivity and service
  • Seeks and uses feedback and other sources to identify appropriate areas for learning
  • Actively and effectively participates in meetings
  • Plans and supports the development of others skills and abilities – help develop effective skills
  • Presents technical ideas effectively to individual or groups

KPHL offers very competitive remuneration packages and as such prefers its employees to be performance driven.

To express your interest for this challenging and rewarding role, please send through your application including current CV to: KPHL Recruitment on Email: recruitment@kumulpetroleum.com

Please note that only the shortlisted applicants will be contacted

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