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Kumul Petroleum presents second set of specialist medical equipment to PMGH Cardiac Surgery Unit
Managing Director of Kumul Petroleum Wapu Sonk, (pictured on right) presents boxes of specialist medical equipment for the Port Moresby General Hospital Cardiac Surgery Unit to Chief Executive Officer of Port Moresby General Hospital Dr Paki Molumi on Friday 28 May 2021.

Kumul Petroleum presents second set of specialist medical equipment to PMGH Cardiac Surgery Unit

The Port Moresby General Hospital (PMGH) has received a second set of specialist medical equipment from Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited (Kumul Petroleum) a week after the organisation made its first delivery to the hospital’s Cardiac Intensive Care Unit on 21 May 2021. 

The specialist equipment valued at close to K1.4 million, is funded by Kumul Petroleum under a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed on 19 August 2020, between the national oil and gas company, the Ministry of Health and Port Moresby General Hospital to support the improvement of the Port Moresby General Hospital National Heart Centre.

Managing Director of Kumul Petroleum Wapu Sonk said the second set of specialist equipment, purchased by the organisation in consultation with specialist doctors is intended for the hospital’s Cardiac Surgery Unit, and will support the recent delivery of specialist medical equipment to the Cardiac Intensive Unit to treat Papua New Guinean’s who suffer from heart disease and other lifestyle diseases.

Wapu Sonk said: “Kumul Petroleum is very proud to be associating itself with Port Moresby General Hospital in the area of Cardiology and Cancer services, so more broadly specialist care that our country has been lacking for a long time.

“The Board of Kumul Petroleum is very committed to see the spending of the K50 million funding support that we committed last year, on the right equipment in developing the right skills, and in making sure, the services delivered at the right price to our people.”

“Again, our Trustee, the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, is very committed to the effort and has asked us, “When am I going to see the first operation?” So, he is very keen to see this project to fruition and we are very happy in this partnership to have a Trustee in the Prime Minister and a Board at Kumul Petroleum that is keen to support and help Port Moresby General Hospital.”    

Dr Paki Molumi, Chief Executive Officer of Port Moresby General Hospital said that the cardiac surgery equipment were purchased from Karl Storz Endoscopy Australia who are one of the leading suppliers of endoscopic equipment in the world. And with this partnership with Kumul Petroleum we have gone for the highest quality equipment that one can find in quality hospitals anywhere in the world.

“Today’s presentation is for the cardiac surgery equipment and accessories including the endoscope for Cardiothoracic Surgery. With the endoscope, it will allow the Cardiac Surgeons to see inside the body and perform operation of internal organs without making large incisions (opening the chest).”

Dr Molumi added that a very holistic approach has been taken through the  Kumul Petroleum funded program, to first get the right equipment, training the right manpower and getting the right facilities in place so that the hospital delivers quality care.

 “As part of this program we are not only looking at equipment’s, we are also looking at sustaining this program in the long run as well. We have recruited an experienced interventional cardiologist under this program, commenced on Monday (24 May 2021). He will soon start providing Interventional Cardiology Services including Angiography and Stenting of blocked Coronary arteries. This will mean that Papua New Guineans will no longer need to travel overseas to seek this treatment.”

Kumul Petroleum hopes that through the program more awareness is raised among Papua New Guineans of the need to make good lifestyle choices and protect themselves from lifestyle diseases, while providing early diagnosis to Papua New Guineans so as to protect the country’s human resource.  

To strengthen its efforts in managing the multi-million kina project with the Ministry of Health and respective specialist centres including Port Moresby General Hospital; Kumul Petroleum has established a charitable arm, the Kumul Petroleum Foundation to oversee the projects to its fulfilment.

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