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Kumul Petroleum lighting up Southern Highlands & Hela Provinces
Stringing of HV and LV cables on a termination pole at Ialibu to Kagua section

Kumul Petroleum lighting up Southern Highlands & Hela Provinces

Kumul Petroleum, PNG’s National Oil and Gas Company (NOC) is utilising gas resource extracted from Southern Highlands and Hela Provinces to light up the two Provinces by installing electricity distribution Lines.

Connecting Southern Highlands and Hela provinces with electricity under the Southern Highlands – Hela Rural Electrification programme-using gas from the two host provinces is part of Kumul Petroleum’s vision to create value, opportunities, and maximising returns for Papua New Guineans.

This Rural Electrification  program is also part of complementing and enhancing Government’s Medium Term Development Plan and Vision 2050 to have 100% of every household across the country have access to electricity.

Kumul Petroleum giving priority to the two Host Provinces of the PNG LNG Project is in recognition of their contribution of 80% of the gas to the LNG Project which forms Kumul Petroleum’s core business (PNG LNG Project).

The NOC considers rural electricity roll out plan as equally important as other developments; hence using these resources to support power generation and industrial development for socioeconomic development and rural empowerment for communities across the country.

The project commenced in March 2019 and is expected to be completed in 2021 at the cost of US$20m (over K67million).


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