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Kumul Petroleum Holdings supports education through solar lamps donation
Life PNG Care Mobile Education students received solar lighting lamps donated by Kumul Petroleum Holdings Ltd at Baruni Dump Community

Kumul Petroleum Holdings supports education through solar lamps donation

Papua New Guinea’s National Oil and Gas Company (NOC) Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited (KPHL) today announced its continuing commitment to Life PNG Care (LPC) of Port Moresby through the donation of solar lighting equipment and lamps.

A total of six solar panels have been set up at the Baruni Dump community to light up 24 houses especially for LPC to continue its Mobile Education Program.

Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited began discussions with LPC earlier this year to install solar lighting in the Baruni community to enable students to continue their studies and do homework in the evenings.

The Mobile Education Project currently is operating within National Capital District in two locations, Baruni Dump site in Moresby North West and Erima Settlement in Moresby South.

Baruni Dump community was specifically selected because of the need identified for children living in that area.

Managing Director Wapu Sonk said KPHL was proud to be associated with PNG non-government organisation like LPC which is making a positive impact in communities.

Mr Sonk said, “As the National Oil and Gas Company, we are pleased to assist LPC as it aligns well with our vision to create opportunities for Papua New Guineans. This solar lighting project will provide opportunities for children in the Mobile Education Schools to get extra study work done”.

“We value our community investments to enhance the development of good citizens of our country.”

Director of LPC, Collin Pake thanked KPHL for the continuing this partnership and emphasised the importance of lighting at the Baruni community so children in the marginalized communities can prosper.

“LPC is all about helping to make a positive impact in the lives of orphans and other vulnerable children and youth of Papua New Guinea. Our mission is to promote, support and initiate a grass roots social aid program within the local community which aims to help build stronger, safer communities in which unfortunate children and their families and youth can flourish, and be in control of their life choices and future.”

“LPC was initiated to target the orphans and other vulnerable out of school children and to empower them by bringing education to the communities where 98% of the population is not employed or earning a formal income. Thus, we are providing education to these groups of children and empowering their guardians to carry out income generating activities that would sustain them even if the project ended”.

LPC currently takes care of more than 300 children.

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