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Kumul Petroleum fulfils commitment with the delivery of ventilators to Port Moresby General Hospital
Kumul Petroleum Managing Director Wapu Sonk and Port Moresby General Hospital CEO Dr Paki Molumi are all smiles as they do a fist bump to celebrate the successful delivery of ventilators and breathing circuits plus accessories for the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

Kumul Petroleum fulfils commitment with the delivery of ventilators to Port Moresby General Hospital

Papua New Guinea’s national oil and gas company has today presented six ventilators together with six breathing circuits to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the country’s largest referral Hospital in Port Moresby.

The life-saving medical equipment is the last set of medical equipment to be delivered by Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited (Kumul Petroleum) to Port Moresby General Hospital. This follows Kumul Petroleum’s commitment of 11 May, which saw the organisation present to the hospital its commitment to deliver ICU equipment that included the delivery of Personal Protective Equipment for the protection of first responders to combat and contain the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The six ventilators supplied are manufactured by Savina 300. This state-of-the-art, high performance built-in turbine ventilators will allow the Port Moresby General Hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to  help patients with respiratory failure and those not able to breathe on their own, to maintain proper levels of oxygen in the blood.

With an easy to operate 12-inch touchscreen monitor, the equipment will help doctors to efficiently evaluate and diagnose patient vitals, as well as provide treatment, management, and ongoing assessments to improve breathing. Additionally, the ventilators also come with six breathing circuits designed to help patients breathe properly to ensure that oxygen and anesthetic gases are delivered correctly to the body and eliminates carbon dioxide. The combined value of the 6 ventilators is K702, 960.00, with each ventilator valued at K117, 000. Overall the total cost of the equipment and accessories, comprising of the ventilators, breathing circuits and accessories presented today, are valued at K964, 781.40.

Port Moresby General Hospital Chief Executive Officer Dr. Paki Molumi when receiving the medical equipment, said that Port Moresby General Hospital is the largest teaching and referral hospital in Papua New Guinea, acknowledging that the numerous donations by Kumul Petroleum will go a long way in saving the lives of our people (Papua New Guineans).

Dr. Molumi said that Port Moresby General Hospital runs a very busy ICU with eight (8) beds for the entire population of NCD, including Central and Gulf Province and referrals from other provinces; furthermore, as the demand for ICU care is very high with an occupancy rate of over 90 per cent, that the COVID-19 patients that require ICU will compete for the existing beds that are normally used by patients with other diseases.

"Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the donations of equipment by Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited increased the Intensive Care capacity to fifteen (15) ICU beds that will be used to save many lives".

Upon presentation of the equipment Managing Director of Kumul Petroleum, Wapu Sonk said: “In keeping with Kumul Petroleum’s vision, it is one of our corporate values to maintain appropriate standards in safety, health and wellbeing; as a national company and as a corporate entity, we believe that it is also our duty to directly support our nation’s growth. To this end, Kumul Petroleum values the safety, health and wellbeing of the nation, so with the help of authorities in the health sector, the organisation has initiated support to specialist health centres, and with close consultation with the technical team of experts with Port Moresby General Hospital’s management procured all the equipment that was donated to the ICU”.

Mr Sonk further stated this is the last set of medical equipment that Kumul Petroleum presents to the hospital as it fulfils its commitment made on 11 May to help deliver long term results for the health sector; starting with new equipment to the country’s largest referral hospital to help the many Papua New Guineans that need intensive care.

In addition to the delivery of these six (6) ventilators, Kumul Petroleum has delivered one (1) video laryngoscope and accessories on June 12; six (6) bedside monitors and accessories on July 24; and one (1) portable X-Ray machine on August 19. Altogether, Kumul Petroleum has invested K1, 647,384.00 in the purchase of the ICU equipment for the benefit of the safety, health and wellbeing of all Papua New Guineans. 

Background of delivery of medical supplies to Port Moresby General Hospital

DELIVERY TO POMGEN    (In two parts)



For response to COVID-19

- May 11


Medical class respirator mask type 1


Medical class respirator mask type 2


Nitrite gloves powder and latex free


500ml alcohol hand gel


Isolation gowns (various sizes)


Isolation medical gowns blue stripe


Medical isolation mask


Disposable goggles


Value: PGK 501,482

For Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

- June 12

- July 24

- August 25

- October 27




CMAC Video Laryngoscope + Accessories


Bedside Monitors + Accessories


Portable X-Ray Machine + Accessories




Breathing circuits + Accessories

Value: PGK 1,647,384

TOTAL VALUE (approximate): K2.149 million




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