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Kumul Petroleum delivers portable X-ray machine to Port Moresby General Hospital
Port Moresby General Hospital Director Medical Services, Dr. Kone Sobi (pictured at far left) and staff of the Hospital photographed with the MOBILETT Ellara Max X-Ray machine that was donated by Kumul Petroleum.

Kumul Petroleum delivers portable X-ray machine to Port Moresby General Hospital

As healthcare around the globe moves away from analog X-ray and computed radiography, and moves toward fully digital X-ray systems to increase efficiency, handling and access to improved imagery, this has seen hospitals make the shift to transform care delivery to improve productivity without compromising on quality of care.

Today, Port Moresby General Hospital received such a donation from Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited (Kumul Petroleum) of a portable X-Ray machine that uses the advantages of mobile digital radiography for patients that are reclined and seated. The equipment, a MOBILETT Ellara Max X-Ray machine is valued at K569, 250.00 (USD$160,400).

This comes a week after Kumul Petroleum committed to support the Hospital’s Heart Centre and a month after delivery of six Bedside Monitors including accessories on July 24 to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. Both sets of equipment will allow Papua New Guinea’s largest referral Hospital to efficiently monitor the progress of patients.

The MOBILETT Ellara Max X-Ray machine, donated to the Port Moresby General Hospital, includes a digital image processor controlled from the central, integrated image and control station that allows for the storage of images as well as patient files and offers a high level of detail visibility for fast and confident diagnosis of patients.

Some features of the MOBILETT Ellara Max X-Ray machine include an antimicrobial coating for infection prevention and control; a compact dimension that allows for portability in busy hallways and fit in small patient rooms with an impressive 180 degrees of lateral arm rotation to maximise on positioning options.

The new portable X-ray machine also allows for the equipment to be personalised for each patient according to their age and degree of imaging needs. For example, children compared to adults require different levels of dose programs that the portable x-ray machine may be set to low-dose organ programs for even the youngest of patients including babies, quickly and easily.

Kumul Petroleum Managing Director Wapu Sonk said that as a national company, Kumul Petroleum is committed to support the Health Sector and reiterated further on the commitment of May 11, saying, “It is fulfilling for Kumul Petroleum as the NOC (National Oil and Gas Company) to contribute to boost support to our Hospitals and Health Centres. Our commitment of August 19 to further support the health sector is a commitment we are serious about and the delivery of these equipment to the Port Moresby General Hospital is a sign of the steps we are actively taking to ensure that we step-up our support with close consultation with health authorities”.

Port Moresby General Hospital Director Medical Services, Dr. Kone Sobi upon receipt of the equipment from Kumul Petroleum thanked the organisation for its timely support to the hospital over the past few months, adding that the portable X-ray machine would supplement existing x-ray machines in the hospital and speed up the service to adequately see to all patients that require an x-ray.

“At the end of the day you want to have quality X-ray images, so it (the differences) really does matter as to how long and how many patients one equipment can service before it reaches its lifespan. But this particular equipment is coming from SIEMENS which is well renowned for the quality of its products so I anticipate that we will be able to get good service for the money invested into its purchase”.

Kumul Petroleum made the purchase of the equipment in close consultation with Port Moresby General Hospital on assessing the level of support and needs required, purchased the equipment upon the advice of a technical team of experts within the hospitals management team.

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