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Kumul Petroleum Congratulates NiuPower & PPL for transmission line completion
Transmission lines with NiuPower generation plant pictured in the background.

Kumul Petroleum Congratulates NiuPower & PPL for transmission line completion

Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited (Kumul Petroleum) as one of the Parent companies of NiuPower has Congratulated NiuPower and PNG Power Limited (PPL) for successfully commissioning the Gerehu to NiuPower Gas Plant transmission line project and the Gerehu Substation.

Kumul Petroleum Managing Director Wapu Sonk on behalf of the Shareholders said it is a significant milestone achievement for the shareholders, in particular the National Oil and Gas Company in the short history of its existence.

“I would like to congratulate NiuPower and PPL for working together with the contractor, Voltran for commissioning the Power Lines, Substation at Gerehu and the NiuPower Power Plant in such a short time, enabling the production and supplying the full 58 Megawatts of power, into the Port Moresby city grid” Mr Sonk said.

“This power project is first for Kumul Petroleum and it gives satisfaction to the shareholders (Oil Search and Kumul Petroleum) of this achievement. The process in getting here has been tough but we are here and hopefully PNG Power will save cost through the low cost fuel replacement as well as reliability and our hope is that PNG Power can pass on the cost savings to the customers”. 

The Power Project is sized at 58 Megawatts but the design is such that additional generation units can be installed to cater for the expected electricity demand growth in National Capital District and surrounding central Province.

Mr Sonk highlighted that with the creation of NiuPower and the development of the gas-fired Port Moresby Power Station, Kumul Petroleum and Oil Search directly contribute to the Government’s energy objectives of electrifying 70 per cent of Papua New Guinea by 2030 – today estimated at around 13%. This hopefully is achieved through the cost savings by PPL, which they can use to expand the distribution and connection to more customers outside of Port Moresby and into other parts of the country.  

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