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KPHL donates K50m to earthquake relief fund
KPHL Managing Director Mr Wapu Sonk and Chairman Sir Moi Avei with the K50 million cheque, which will be donated to the Government’s earthquake relief fund

KPHL donates K50m to earthquake relief fund

Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited (KPHL), PNG’s national oil and gas company, will donate K50 million to assist the National Government’s earthquake disaster relief efforts.

The KPHL Board approved the company’s contribution during a special meeting last week.

Chairman Sir Moi Avei said: “The KPHL Board recognises the challenges the Government faces and the needs of the affected people, hence the decision to help rebuild infrastructure and restore normalcy to Hela, Southern Highlands, Western, Gulf and parts of Enga.”

Managing Director Mr Wapu Sonk said: “Our assistance is to the National Disaster Relief fund and we are hoping the Team appointed by Cabinet will work with the Provincial Teams and the National Disaster Office to fast track and complement the efforts of NGO’s, Aid Agencies, Donor Countries, Corporate entities and individuals etc to provide the much needed relief supplies and restoration of key public infrastructure and also the long term rebuilding of the infrastructure in the worst affected provinces.”

He added that the Key Petroleum Projects and Infrastructure in Hela, SHP and Western Provinces have been affected but not as severely from the initial assessments provided by ExxonMobil, Oil Search and Repsol. “We are hopeful that production will be restored in the next two months as indicated by ExxonMobil. We send our prayers and condolences to the affected people of these provinces.”

About Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited (KPHL)

KPHL is the State’s nominee for all petroleum developments in Papua New Guinea and as such has the right to participate in future projects such as the Papua LNG Project. KPHL already holds equity in the country’s foundation LNG project along with other petroleum assets.  KPHL is mandated to protect and maximize the value of the State’s petroleum assets for its ultimate shareholders - the 8 million plus people of PNG.

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