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Early Learning arrives in Gulf thanks to Department of Education, Kumul Petroleum and Kokoda Track Foundation

Early Learning arrives in Gulf thanks to Department of Education, Kumul Petroleum and Kokoda Track Foundation

In a commitment to the future of Gulf Province, a group of key educators joined Australian NGO, KTF (Kokoda Track Foundation) in the commencement of Teach for Tomorrow, the Early Years, a project developing the Early Childhood Learning framework for the Province, generously supported by Kumul Petroleum.

A child’s early, formative years are critical to their lifelong learning journey. During these years, a child’s brain is still forming, their personality is growing and their ability to self-regulate is being fostered. Nurturing a child during these years sets their path for life.

Recognising the developmental importance of these years, the Gulf Department of Education (DoE) is working with KTF in a week-long workshop to design and develop an Early Childhood Learning framework, curriculum and teacher training program for the Province with the goal of including children aged two to six years into the formal education system, nurturing their learning in the formative years.  Undeterred by COVID-19 travel restrictions, the workshop is being innovatively delivered by a combination of facilitators, lecturers and subject matter experts in Australia via Zoom technology to jointly deliver and facilitate the training with KTF’s Port Moresby officers.

A first for the Province, Teach for Tomorrow, the Early Years workshop is possible thanks to the generous support of K50, 000 by Kumul Petroleum, Papua New Guinea’s National Oil and Gas Company (NOC).

Managing Director, Wapu Sonk said that Kumul Petroleum is keen to continue to support initiatives like the one established by KTF that support and empower Papua New Guineans at the start of their development.

“At Kumul Petroleum we place a high regard for education, thus through our support to KTF we believe that we are staying true to our organisation mission which is to create value and opportunities for Papua New Guinea and its people. Close to our heart, is our support to education, where we hope to empower Papua New Guineans, both young and old to reach their greatest potential, given the right tools and the right start. We are delighted to partner with KTF once more, to support teachers to have the right tools to educate our children, and give them the right start.  Kumul Petroleum wishes the Teach for Tomorrow, the Early Years programme every success”.

At the project’s official opening yesterday, the working group was joined by Kumul Petroleum’s Public Relations team who support coordination of the Kumul Petroleum Social Inclusion Programme, Elizabeth Sam and Neraemarimahu Haihavu together with Dr Genevieve Nelson, CEO of KTF online via Zoom conference.

“We are delighted to again work with the Provincial Education Department on the Early Learning initiative, building on last year’s professional development and learning exchange program. The Provincial trainers all came to Australia and visited early childhood centres, met with early childhood policy and practice experts and undertook lectures at Western Sydney University, building a strong foundation for this week’s workshop and the project beyond.” said Dr Nelson.

“Of course, we would not have been able to bring this project to Gulf without Kumul Petroleum’s extraordinary commitment to improving education standards across the country. In supporting our original Teach for Tomorrow project in 2018, the Kumul Petroleum team recognised the pressing need to train 669 Elementary Teachers in Southern Highlands Province. Today, they clearly see the importance of Early Childhood Education and again have stepped forward to support our partnership with the Gulf Department of Education for this exciting next chapter – Teach for Tomorrow, the Early Years.  We look forward to seeing the evolution of early learning in Gulf Province in the months and years to come.”

Teach for Tomorrow, the Early Years is supported by a consortia of donors in individual Provinces and by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

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